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Feedback on Our Fall Season

Our fall season recently ended and we’d like to know how we did: What did you like about the fall? What can we do to provide an even better experience next year for our players and families?

Please take two minutes to fill out our 2018 Fall Season survey and help us make next year our best yet!

And stay tuned—soon we will be posting information on how to register for the Spring 2019 season.

by Patrick Mirza posted 11/14/2018
FCKLL Wins Grant!

Grant Helps Pay for New Batting Cages

Our league has known for some time that adding batting cages to the Westgate fields would provide facilities vital to our kids' ongoing development. Our league also knew that batting cages would come at a steep cost. 

Now, that cost has been significantly reduced: The Falls Church Kiwanis Little League won a $10,000 grant from the Delta Dreams Grants, run by Delta Airlines and the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation. The money will be used to help pay for the new batting cages and reduces the amount the league otherwise would have drawn from savings. 

That, in turn, means we are better positioned to pay for additional facilities and investments we may need.

We would like to thank Delta Airlines and the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation for their generosity. We also want to thank the members of our board who worked so hard on preparing and filing the application for this grant. Thanks to their efforts and careful stewardship, our league is well positioned for the future. 


Photo Captions

(Top) Board Member Kirsten Fatzinger accepts a check on behalf of the league at Nationals Park.  

(Bottom) The new batting cages are slated to open in time for our fall 2018 season. 


by Patrick Mirza posted 08/30/2018
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Idylwood Park #3 - Falls Church TBD (11/15) 
Jefferson Village Park - Falls Church TBD (11/15) 
Larry Graves Field #2 - Falls Church TBD (11/15) 
Larry Graves Field #3 - Falls Church TBD (11/15) 
Walnut Hill East - Falls Church TBD (11/15) 
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Westgate Field #1 - McLean TBD (11/15) 
Westgate Field #2 - McLean OPEN (11/15) 
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